Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Search for the Truth

It's a question that has troubled mankind for all existence. What is truth?

After much soul searching, and world travel, I think I have finally figured it out. I used to think that truth was never lieing, always saying what was right. I thought truth was what you could see with your eyes, hear with your ears. And then it hit me, that's exactly what truth is.

Truth is perception. Perception is truth. If I see the snow as white, and the skies as blue, then that's what they are. If you see the snow as brown and the skies as gray, then that's what they are.

It seems as we fly, we live. In Eve, reality is bent slightly, and not everything is how it should be, according to our feelings of truth. That sweet +5 security status doesn't mean you are harmless, and that evel -10 security status doesn't mean you are a cold hearted bastard devoid of emotion.
As the wrecks pile up, from both friend and foe, we look back upon the battlefield with either elation at the thrill of the fight, or scorn towards whichever side decided to bring such uneven odds that the fight was little that, and more of a massacre.

Throughout all of my existence inside of the cruel world that is Eve, I have flown with all types of people. I have done my time in the prison that is High Sec running missions. I have been in that godless free for all that is 0.0 space and fought for sovereignty. As well, of course, I have flown in that gray area known as Low Security, where it seems the law only protects from the most lesser forms of the lawless, and does little to prevent the loss of the unsuspecting. While we have little to show for it other than self boasts and claims, rather than ultra expensive mission running ships which no rat can break, or Outposts and sovereignty of space putting our names on a map, I feel those living in Low Security have much more than either of our comparison's.

If you fly around long enough, you'll meet all kinds of people. Some will claim to be the best pilots in Eve, and some will claim to only do what they need to do to meet their own goals. What I would say, however, is that the most hated pilots of all of New Eden, Low Security Pirates, are without a doubt, hands down, the best pilots in all of Eve. They must dodge the law, as well as rival pirate corporations, anti pirate corporations, and at times, the blobs of 0.0 when they poke their fingers a little too deep in someone else's pie.

Perception may be truth, but it would take eyes and ears tightly shut to anything outside of your own pod to disregard this perception.


Black Claw said...
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Black Claw said...

Amen brother! I touched upon it in a post of my own: Boy, they have it easy in 0.0

Mynxee said...

Perception can be fluid and somewhat fuzzy around the edges, though. When--despite that--the truth appears solid and unwavering, that is when you know you're onto something good.

Mynxee said...

And oh...nice to see you posting again Sarge.

noreply said...

The fist comes back empty, always.

Nice post there mate...and

you have just been tagged!


Ka Jolo said...

Tag! You're it!